New Frontiers in Photography and Videography

The Pixel Ranch explores the frontiers of digital imaging through the professional application of 360° virtual reality spherical photography and videography as well as through traditional images taken from a different point of view -- the air above.

 Gain a different perspective on your property through aerial photography and videography. Photo ©2018, Steven Sande

Gain a different perspective on your property through aerial photography and videography. Photo ©2018, Steven Sande

Aerial imagery is nothing new, with the first surviving aerial photograph being made back in 1860! Things have changed a bit since then; The Pixel Ranch can provide clients with cinematic 4K (4,096 x 2,160 pixel) video at 24 frames per second or High Dynamic Range photos at 4,000 x 3,000 pixel resolution. Steve is an FAA-certified Part 107 remote pilot and is trained to follow the regulations involved in aerial photography and mapping. 

We've been at the forefront of 360° virtual reality spherical photography since 2015. The founder of The Pixel Ranch, Steve Sande, is a Google Level 6 Local Guide and Street View Trusted Photographer with over 13 million views of his spherical images to date. 

Watch as this 360° spherical image slowly pans around, or use your cursor or finger to pan around, up and down. Image © 2017, Steven Sande

Spherical images don't show just what's in front of the camera, but truly immerse the viewer in a virtual world. They can be viewed in most modern web browsers by simply dragging up, down and around an image, or through a virtual reality headset. It's the nearest thing to being somewhere, which is why spherical imagery is perfect for showing off your business or properties to the public.

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All imagery provided and copyrighted by Steven Sande


360° Spherical VR Imaging

Find out how 360° Spherical VR photography and videography can give your business website a unique edge. Give potential customers a look around your business on Google Maps / Street View through our VR tours.

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Aerial Imaging

Don't try aerial imaging yourself! Leave it to the licensed and insured pros with experience in drone aerial photography and videography. We take the shots and process them for the best possible image.

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